Susan Townsend

Find your New Normal

Going through a Big Life Change such as loss of a spouse, divorce, or becoming an empty-nester can shake your confidence and sense of identity.  Susan has become an expert at reinventing her life and will help you develop your new life.

Challenges are Opportunities

Since being widowed at 39, Susan raised her two sons, started a business, remarried & divorced, broke off 2 long-term romantic relationships, and was recently "downsized" from her corporate job.  But Susan saw each of these experiences as opportunities.

Susan uses her own experience in reinventing life and identity to guide women to feel more grounded and create a "new normal."  

Confidence, Passion, and Accountability

As a Certified Health Coach, Susan is dedicated to seeing you enjoy success in your journey through Big Life Changes.  She will guide you through claiming your goal, creating habits that support success, and is your partner every step of the way.  

Susan's unique approach is founded in her background in Corporate training and Project Management.  Coaching came naturally as an extension of the volunteer work she has done with woman's organizations and church groups.  She is an 'empty-nester' who loves to travel, to take long walks, to meet new people, and loves to keep learning.  She lives in New Jersey with "Kitty," her faithful tabby cat.

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